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Snap Lock Chicken Coop
  • Snap Lock Chicken Coop
  • Snap Lock Chicken Coop
  • Snap Lock Chicken Coop
  • Snap Lock Chicken Coop
  • Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Snap Lock Chicken Coop



Snap Lock Chicken Coop Details

Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Fits 3-4 large fowl chickens or 5-6 bantam chickens

Looking for a affordable, easy, and attractive solution for housing your small backyard flock? This lightweight and portable coop can be set up and assembled in less than 20 minutes with no tools and was designed with convenience in mind. Each component simply snaps into place by securely locking into pre-molded joints and hinges. Snap Lock Coops will ship within a few days and with fast delivery time, you'll be keeping chickens in no time!


  • 3 nesting boxes with convenient access from outside hatch door
  • Two adjustable vents located at the front and rear roof peaks.
  • 35 inches of roost space for your birds.
  • Removable litter tray covers coop floor.


  • Insulating, double-walled UV resistant polyethylene plastic construction
  • Impact, water and chemical resistant
  • All openings are latched with included carabiners for security from predators
  • Zinc-plated steel hardware
  • 12" wide front and back doors
  • Coop weight: 40 pounds
  • Coop Dimensions: 42" X 39" X 29"

Your flock will be extremely comfortable in this environment, allowing them to be happy, healthy, and productive. You will be happy and productive with this maintenance free coop as well.

Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Snap Lock Chicken Coop

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