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Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System

Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System Details

Solar Predator Protection System

Solar Nite Eyes is a solar powered lights system that scare predators away.

Chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry and gamebrids are an investment. You spend money to build a comfortable home for them, to buy them and to feed them. You want to protect anything that you spend money, time and emotional energy on! The idea of a predator attacking your birds is despicable, but putting out traps or poison can be dangerous to household pets and sometimes inhumane. Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System offers the perfect way to keep predators of any size away from your poultry.

The Nite Eyes Solar Predator Protection System wards off predators both large and small, causes no harm, is simple to install and requires no upkeep. Nite Eyes works by making the predator think there is another animal near your poultry. A predator will not attack if there is any possibility that attack will be disrupted. The two red lights on the Nite Eyes unit mimics the eyes of an animal.

Nite Eyes is solar powered, so doesn't need to be plugged in or charged and there are no wires for you to trip over. Simply mount the unit where it will be exposed to sunlight for about four hours daily. It is automatic, so it will come on at dusk and turn off at dawn, requiring no action on your part. When properly installed, a Nite Eyes unit will operate with absolutely no maintenance for years. We expect it to last about three years.

The key to warding off different types of predators with Nite Eyes is placement of the units. For example, to make sure no foxes, opossums or other small animals attack, the units should be placed about 12 inches off the ground and about 20 feet apart. For larger animals, Nite Eyes should be mounted higher - about 24 inches off of the ground. Detailed installation instructions will accompany your Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System units, so you can feel confident that your poultry is protected. One unit can be seen at 2,000 feet away keeping predators away.

We do recommend using more than one. Each Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System unit only points in one direction, get more than one so that there is protection from all directions.

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Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System

Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System

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