Speckled Sussex Chickens

Speckled Sussex Chickens
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Day Old Speckled Sussex Baby Chicks

  • Dual Purpose
  • 200 Eggs Annually
  • Docile, Calm
  • Cockerel 7.5 lbs, Pullet 6 lbs
  • APA  English
  • Conservation Status: Recovering

The Speckled Sussex Chicken is a beautiful and tame breed, with dark, mahogany-colored feathers sprinkled with bright, white specks. They have a single comb and are a cold hardy breed.

 The Sussex is an ancient breed, believed to have originated in England around the time of the Roman conquest. There are many varieties, but the Speckled Sussex is one of the prettiest and most popular.

Until the introduction and burgeoning popularity of the modern Cornish Cross, the Sussex was the most popular breed for meat in England. Its white skin is often not appealing to consumers in the United States.

 Dark, mahogany-colored feathers with bright white speckles cover the entire body. A bright red comb and wattle give the bird a cheerful, alert appearance. They also have white legs and feet in addition to white skin.

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Speckled Sussex Chickens

Speckled Sussex Chickens

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