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Splash Polish Chickens

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Day Old Splash Polish Baby Chicks

Hatching February to July.

Splash Polish chickens make a great addition to any backyard chicken coop. They are best known for their quirky appearance, high-quality eggs, and friendly nature. If you cross two White Crested Blue Polish you get a ratio of 1 white crested black chick, 2 white crested blue chicks, and 1 splash polish.

Production: Polish chickens make excellent egg layers and rarely go broody. They are considered fair egg layers of white eggs.

Temperament: Polish chickens are extremely friendly and therefore make great pets. They love interacting with people and are quite entertaining to watch. However, their large crests of feathers often block their vision, which can make them startle easily.

History: Surprisingly, Polish chickens originated in Holland. They were first developed to lay high quantities of eggs.

Color description: The splash color refers to chickens that are mostly white with a few black, grey, or blue feathers.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Watch.

Body type: These chickens display distinctive crests of feathers on top of their heads. They also have red wattles and combs and white earlobes. Both bearded and non-bearded varieties exist.

Standard Weights: Rooster 6 lbs, Hen 4.5 lbs, Cockerel 5 lbs, Pullet 4 lbs

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Splash Polish Chickens

Splash Polish Chickens

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