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Stafix Solar Energizer .5 Joule

Stafix Solar Energizer .5 Joule Details

Stafix Solar Energizer .5 Joule

The Stafix .5 Joule Solar Energizer is a high output and low impedance style solar energizer. This unit is designed to properly energize one or up to two lengths of 164-foot Electric Poultry Netting. It can store .63 joules of energy, which allows it to continue working and protecting your chickens and poultry up to 21 days without sunlight. 

This energizer is completely portable, easy to operate and install, and can be mounted to a T-post. The solar panel is 5 watt monocrystalline, which recharges a 12-volt, 7Ah battery. It comes with a two-year warranty.    

To energize your Poultry Netting, you would need to make two connections. First, connect this energizer to the net using a red Jumper Lead and then attach a grounding rod to the energizer using the green Jumper Lead. Then you'll be all set to run your chickens and poultry into your newly protected pasture!

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Stafix Solar Energizer .5 Joule

Stafix Solar Energizer .5 Joule

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