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Started Black Australorps

These are all Marek's vaccinated females.

Why Purchase Black Australorp Chickens? They are soft, beautiful, friendly chickens that lay approximately 250 eggs a year. They're good mothers and nest sitters, hardy in the winter, and do well in confinement. The real question is why wouldn't you purchase them.

Production: As mentioned above, the Black Australorp Chickens are exceptional egg layers, laying approximately five eggs a week or 250 a year. Their eggs are large and light brown.

Temperament: These chickens are friendly, hardy, and docile. They are also great nest sitters and good mothers. In general, they have sweet and shy personalities.

History: The original Australorp was bred from Black Orpington chickens, which were imported to Australia between 1890 and the early 1900s. The early breeders focused on the birds' utility features. The name of the resulting breed was Australorp, which is a condensed form of "Australian Black Orpingtons." There was some controversy over the name, but it stuck, and the Australorp was finally admitted into the Standard of Perfection in 1929.

Color Description: The Australorps have glossy black feathers with a green sheen. Their beak and legs are black, and their comb and wattles are red.

Body Type: The Australorps have soft feathers, a single comb that's upright and large with five points.

Standard Weights: Rooster 8.5 lbs, Hen 6.5 lbs, Cockerel 7.5 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs

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Started Black Australorps

Started Black Australorps

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