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Started Black Copper Marans Chickens

Started Black Copper Marans were vaccinated for Marek's Disease. They will be shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail Express, in a USPS approved box, lined with straw and provided with Gro-Gel for their journey. .

Marans are a dual purpose chicken that lays a beautiful chocolate colored egg.The French Black Copper Marans are known to lay the darkest of the eggs. A great addition for that beautiful market egg basket.

Production: Marans lay approximately 150 eggs per year. Their eggs are darkest at the start of their cycle however lightens throughout. Adding protein to the diet will help the color of the egg stay consistent.

Temperament: Marans are a docile breed. The hens do go broody occasionally and can raise their own young. They are sweet birds and wonderful for the backyard.

History: The Marans originated from the town of Marans, France. In the 1930s, the Marans were imported to the United Kingdom. Although the bird has been around in the United States, they have found recent popularity as the Black Copper variety became the first to be recognized by the American Poultry Association in 2011.

Colors: Black Copper Marans are black with beetle green sheen to them. Both the roosters and hens have a reddish-orange colored neck. Hens can have little or no copper color on their necks but still express the genes. In addition Roosters will be of more colorful as their saddle feathers will be copper as well.

Body Type: Marans have a prominent chest that is not flat or shallow with a full abdomen. They are of medium height. They have a long neck, wide shoulders, robust thighs, and a rather long back which gives them their mass.

Weights: Rooster 8 lbs, Hen 6.5 lbs, Cockerel 7 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs Started Birds will weigh significantly less.

APA Class: Continental

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Started Black Copper Marans

Started Black Copper Marans

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