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These are all Marek's vaccinated females.

Sometimes known as Black Giants or Jersey Giants. As the name implies, the Black Jersey Giant is a huge bird, considered the largest breed of chicken. They are a stately, dual purpose breed. These are excellent additions to the backyard flock. They are also very hardy, great in cold weather, and strong in constitution.

Production: The friendly and calm disposition of the Black Jersey Giants make them great additions to the family backyard flock. Pullets start laying at 6-8 months, and one can expect a long laying season, even in cold weather, with an average of 135 to 160 eggs per hen per year.

Due to their very large size and slower growth, Black Jersey Giants have a poor feed to meat ratio compared to the commercial Cornish Cross strains. For markets where heritage breed birds are in demand or for a backyard meat bird, the Black Jersey Giant would be a strong addition. Although their growth is slower, it is steady and strong. The gigantic size they attain is supported by a strong frame, hardiness, and longevity that one doesn't see in the fast growing commercial crosses.

Temperament: Black Jersey Giants are a very calm and docile breed. Think of them as the draft horses of the poultry world. They are great with children, and most don't mind being held. They are decent foragers, but do tend to stay close to the coop. Black Jersey Giants are good mothers with a tendency to broodiness.

History: American heritage breed, the Black Jersey Giant, was developed between 1870 and 1890 in New Jersey by John and Thomas Black to satisfy the NYC and Philadelphia markets for huge roasting chickens. Though the breed was originally developed by crossing Dark Brahmas, Black Javas, and Black Langshans. The originator selected for large size rather than for color. The birds were originally named after their creators, the Black brothers. However in the early 20th century, the breed was further developed improving on the strong frame and huge size and creating the pure black version we see today.

Colors: Pure black with green and or purple sheen depending on the angle of light. Dark brown eyes, red ear lobes, and black legs with yellow coloring on the bottoms of feet.

Conservation Status: Watch

Body Type: heavy upright breed with a short but thick tail and bright red single comb with 6 upright points.

Weight: Cockerel 9 lbs, Pullet 7 lbs

APA Class: American, admitted in 1922

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Started Black Jersey Giants

Started Black Jersey Giants

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