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Started Olive Egger Chickens

These are all Marek's vaccinated females.

Olive Eggers are a must have breed for your beautiful egg basket. No other breed lays anything comparable. Olive Eggers are great foragers. Our Olive Eggers are a cross between Black Copper Marans and Easter Eggers, and as with any Olive Eggers, variation in temperament and color patterns is expected. Cross these Olive Eggers with your dark brown egg layers to get an even darker shade of egg.  

Production: Olive Eggers will lay about 200 large olive colored eggs annually. Egg color can range from light to dark olive. Known for their great winter laying abilities. 

Temperament: Olive Eggers are very sweet and gentle birds and will quickly become a most beloved member of your flock. 

History: Olive Eggers are a cross between a very dark egg layer and a green or blue egg layer. 

Colors: Because Olive Eggers are a cross between two different parent birds, you can expect many different colors for the offspring. 

Conservation Status: Not applicable, Hybrid

Body Type: Olive Eggers are a medium sized chicken. You can expect either pea or single combs and may or may not have beards or muffs. 

Weight: Cockerel weighs 5 lbs on average and pullets 4 lbs.

APA Class: n/a, Olive Eggers have not been admitted into the APA.

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Started Olive Egger Chickens

Started Olive Egger Chickens

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