Started Roosters

Started Roosters
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Started Roosters

These are all Marek's vaccinated males.

Many people have a need for a small number of cockerels or young roosters, and so we put this option of Started Roosters together for this purpose. We have a nice assortment available for you to choose from in the drop-down menu.

One of the main reasons people order these Started Roosters is to start their own breeding program for more self-sufficiency. Using this Started Rooster option, you can pick a small number of roosters that match your current breeds of hen.

This package is also a cost-effective and easier way to start a heritage breed meat program on your small farm. Because this package allows you to order a small number of birds, it is great for people new to raising meat birds, who want to start slow, experiment a bit, and have less risk.

The Started Roosters offered here are at least 15 weeks old and are healthy and hardy. You can skip the chick stage and do not need a brooder. Although these birds will probably need some protection from extreme weather conditions, they will be feathered and quite ready to join your current flock.

It is usually simple and easy to integrate new young birds into your existing flock. It works best when done gradually. Introduce new birds by putting the new ones in a pen of some sort within your original coop or enclosure. This way, the two sets of birds can become accustomed to one another without being able physically to be in contact with one another. This also teaches the new birds where home is and where to go to dusk. A week or two usually is enough. Introducing the two sets of birds right before nightfall or letting the new birds out of the pen and into the main coop at night time is another way to cut back on the stress of the initial meeting.

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Started Roosters

Started Roosters

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