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Started Welsummers

These are all Marek's vaccinated females.

The Welsummer is a beautiful chicken that lays dark reddish brown eggs. Being a large bird, this breed also serves as a good dual purpose chicken. This breed is a wonderful choice for the homesteader, hobbyist, or backyard breeder looking to add some color to their daily egg collection.

Production: The Welsummer lays approximately 160 terracotta red-brown colored eggs. The color of the egg does change as the season progresses. It isn't a constant color throughout the laying cycle.

Temperament: This breed is docile and also does well free range. They are friendly and curious, making them wonderful birds for the backyard. The Welsummer can go broody but do not make good mothers.

History: The Welsummer is a dutch breed, named after the village of Welsum, located in Holland. This breed was imported in 1928 from Holland into the United States and gained popularity for their beautiful eggs. In 1991 the Welsummer was admitted to the Standard of Perfection.

Colors: The females and males differ slightly in their plumage. The female has a red partridge color pattern. The male exhibits a golden brown saddle, head and neck, and then a reddish brown back, wingbow, and wing front. Both birds have yellow feet and skin.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Not listed because this breed is a recent import to the US.

Body Type: Their body is deep, round, and carried high, with a slope that comes from the front to the back of the bird.They are a heavy breed.

Standard Weights: Rooster 7 lbs, Hen 6 lbs, Cockerel 6 lbs, Pullet 5 lbs Started Birds will weigh significantly less

APA Class: Continental

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Started Welsummers

Started Welsummers

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