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Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks

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Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks

Duck raising is simplified with Dave Holderead's Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks. This is the new edition of the best selling classic on duck breeds, their care, and health. Compared to the last edition, the author brings you an expanded coverage of more duck breeds, a preview on incubation, and a revised and expanded guide to the colors and genetics of ducks. With up to date information on treatment of ailments and prevention, guidelines on showing, and tips on conserving rare breeds, this book is a must for the duck owner.

Holderead starts his book with the "Why ducks?" question. He proves to the reader why ducks are useful, their attributes, and value. The first chapter is an overview on how amazing the duck is, with its comparison amongst chickens. Their productivity is discussed as well as their many uses. Chapter two discusses the anatomy and behavior.

Choosing the right duck is important, as their are many breeds, each with their own attributes. The author discusses how to pick the perfect breed based on the owner's purpose, location, and preference. Chapter three shows all you need to know when choosing your breed. Chapters four, five, six, and seven, discuss the bantam, light weight breeds, medium weight breeds, and lastly the heavyweight breeds of ducks. Within these chapters you will learn about each breed of duck within the categories, selecting breeders, and showing.

Like chickens, there are rare breeds of ducks, therefore it is essential to know the importance of preserving rare breeds. Chapter eight discusses how this can be done and the significance of preventing the birds from going extinct. Chapter nine is all about hybrid ducks, their purpose and how it is achieved. The author discusses genetics to explain hybrids. Chapter ten coincides with the previous one explaining duck colors and understanding how color is achieved using simple genetics. Chapter 11 shows you how you can acquire your stock, with tips and tricks on what to look for.

Hatching duck eggs can be done with natural and artificial incubation. Holderead discusses the excitement of hatching eggs in chapter twelve. He provides the process, incubator troubleshooting, and the benefits of hatching duck eggs in this chapter.

Nutrition is important for the health of your duck flock. You want to make sure you are feeding your ducks properly from the start to avoid nutritional deficiencies in the future. Holderead helps you understand the feed and nutritional value in Chapter 15.

Many duck breeds are dual purpose for meat and eggs. Chapter 16 explains the butchering process. Health is a major element for ducks. If not cared for properly the ducks may become sick or injured. Chapter 17 discusses health, with explanations on various duck injuries, and information on diseases, their treatment, and prevention.

Many people show ducks and the next chapter helps you in preparing your duck for a show and its requirements. With appendices of mixing feed rations, symptoms of deficiencies and how to protect your flock from predators, along with duck recipes, this book has everything covered for everyone!

345 pages, black and white illustrations and photos. Published in 2011 by Storey Publishing

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Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks

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