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The most striking feature of the Svart Hona Chicken, also known as the Swedish Black Hen, is its blackness. Svart Honas are pure black - from tip of tail to point of beak outside and inside! This trait is known as fibromelanistic, and it is shared with another black breed called the Ayam Cemani from Indonesia. 

Svart Hona Chickens are exceedingly rare and hard to find. Their pure black pigmentation, literally stops people in their tracks! 

Beyond their extremely unusual looks, Svart Hona Chickens are great poultry for backyards as well as for farms. They are smart and quick and also friendly and social. 

Production: The meat and skin of the Svart Hona is also black, making for a very unusual looking chicken dinner. But they are smallish fowl and are mainly raised for their egg laying, which is quite prolific, about 150 per year. Eggs are off white in color (surprising not black!), and quite large. Svart Honas are more winter hardy than Ayam Cemanis and do well throughout the United States. They are also great and effective foragers.

Temperament: Unlike many of the other smaller and sleeker breeds which tend to be flighty and nervous, the Svart Hona has a relaxed disposition. Roosters are protective and alert. Hens are very good at flying and will fly to avoid predators. 

History: The fibromelanistic gene mutation can be traced back 800 years in Asia. It is generally assumed that Nordic seamen brought these birds back with them from Asia about 400 years ago into Norway and Sweden. They adapted well to the colder environment, and at the turn of the twentieth century, breeding groups of these birds were found sprinkled throughout the Swedish and Norwegian border areas. They were first imported from Sweden into the U.S. in 2012 by Greenfire Farms. They are one of the rarest of poultry breeds; it is currently believed that there are less than 500 of these birds in Sweden at this point.

APA Class: Not recognized.

Color Description: Svart Hona Chickens are as pure black as you can get in a bird! Feathers can have a greenish purple sheen in certain lights. Some individuals have dark mulberry coloring showing through on their combs and wattles. Be sure to provide shade for these fowl - they do get bleached by over exposure to sunlight.

Conservation Status: Not applicable 

Weight: Cockerel 4 lbs, Pullet 3 lbs

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Svart Hona Chicken Eggs

Svart Hona Chicken Eggs

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