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The hard-to-find Swedish Isbar Chicken is one of the exciting and new breeds of chicken imported into the United States in the 21st Century. This rare breed is also one of only a few breeds of chickens that lay green or blue-ish colored eggs.  

Isbar is pronounced "Ice-Bar." Swedish Isbar Chickens are beautiful birds with flashy roosters that have bright silver heads and necks and dark bodies full of blue sheen. A flock of Swedish Isbars presents a range of metallic colors with lots of splash patterning as well. A flock's colors range from pewter to silver to patinaed-bronze. Unlike other breeds of green colored egg layers, Swedish Isbars sport a classic, tall, single comb in bright red.

Production: These birds were mainly bred for looks and for multiple purposes on the small sustainable farms of contemporary agriculture. They lay a nice number of eggs - usually between 150 and 200 per year. The eggs are tinted in various shades of green from olive to light moss and some are speckled in brown. They look spectacular in a mixed carton of colored eggs - perfect for adding value and drama at farmer's markets and farm stands. The chicks are also autosexing, which means that when they hatch, males will have a different coloration than females. With Isbars though, the autosexing is a bit different than with other autosexing breeds. As you breed your own flock of Isbars you should start to get a feel for the colors and the autosexing tendencies. 

Temperament: Swedish Isbar Chickens are smart and savvy fowl. They are very alert to predators and good foragers. They are also quite friendly and interactive with humans.

History: The Swedish Isbar Chicken was developed in the middle of the Twentieth Century as part of the great genetic poultry projects of a Swedish Priest named Martin Silverudd. His goal was to create autosexing breeds that laid high numbers of unusually colored eggs. He is very well respected in genetic circles and his protocols are still being used today in universities and breeding programs. These birds were first imported into the U.S. in 2011.

Conservation Status: Not Applicable

Body Type: Swedish Isbars are medium weight chickens. They are short legged and long bodied.

Weight: Cockerel 5.5 lbs., Pullet 4.5 lbs.

APA Class: Not Recognized.


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Swedish Isbar Chicken Eggs

Swedish Isbar Chicken Eggs

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