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The Backyard Homestead

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The Backyard Homestead

The idea of self-sufficiency is getting popular as food prices are rising and consumers are wanting to know what is in the foods that they purchase. The Backyard Homestead is a guide to help you live that self-sufficient life on just a quarter of an acre! If you live in the city or on a small piece of property, you can have the life you have wished! Edited by Carleen Madigan, this book turns the impossible into the possible with 7 chapters to help you along the way.

Chapter one guides you to growing your own vegetable garden. With garden planning charts, directions on how to raise beds, rotation practices, making a garden plan, seasons, types of plants, and growing from seed, one can get a head start on self-sufficiency farming in their backyard and feed their family. Chapter two focuses on the backyard fruits and nuts. There are many charts to help the reader decide on crops. If you want to learn about herbs, chapter three covers all of it! You can grow your own grain in your backyard too! Chapter four discusses growing, drying, and planting grain.

Chapter 5 is about raising poultry for eggs and meat. It covers the drawbacks and benefits of owning poultry, choosing the right breed, butchering turkeys for thanksgiving, and keeping ducks and geese. Chapter 6 is all about Meat and Dairy, discussing goat purchases, why one should keep goats, breeds of goats, types of goats, and the uses: meat, dairy or both. Sheep can be used for meat and milk as well and there is information that explains about that process as well. Cattle is mentioned for milk and meat and choosing your breed. There are sections on raising pigs and rabbits as well. There are many uses for these animals and the book shows all the options. The last chapter shows you what the wild can provide to your homestead.

If you are looking to start a self-sufficient lifestyle or trying to save a little pocket book money, this is the book for you!

367 Pages, Black and white Illustrations, Published 2009 by Storey Publishing.

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The Backyard Homestead

The Backyard Homestead

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