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The Team

Purely Poultry is a small virtual team that strives every day to Share the Beauty of Poultry and serve our customers well.  Our team members work from the comfort of their own homes and supervise their poultry flocks from their office windows. Every one of our team members are at your service and happy to do all that we can to make your experience the best possible.  Purely Poultry is all about Sharing the Beauty of Poultry.  How can we serve you today?


Our Team

Shannon | Operations Manager

Shannon joined the Purely Poultry team in January 2017. She was born and raised in the Mississippi River Valley in Western Wisconsin and finally married her High School Crush in October of 2012   Together she and Brendan share 3 kids, 1 dog, a pack of cats and a flock of birds including ducks, laying hens, and broiler chickens. When she's not entertained with her position here with Purely Poultry, Shannon enjoys time on her little homestead cooking, painting, stained glass, gardening, camping, and bonfires with her family on weekends. Shannon has had a career in customer service with high profile, Fortune 500 companies for the first part of her life and feels most at home and tucked into her space with Purely Poultry where she says she has the freedom and ability to really do what’s right by our customers and deliver a great customer experience.   



Anna  | 

Anna has been married to her husband Donn for 12 years and has 2 young boys. Anna is dedicated to supporting her husband as he serves in the United States Army, raising her young family, and has volunteered with the Family Readiness Group in several of the communities. She and her family moved home to Wisconsin in December 2015 and have since adopted a nice, varied flock of layers and raises some broilers each year. Eventually, they hope to add some pigs, a few rabbits, and some other feathered species.

Anna enjoys cooking, time with her family, homeschooling her two wonderfully rambunctious boys, the companionship of her 3 dogs, and the crazy cat living under the house who protects her flock. She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a deep-seated love of nature, has introduced us to terms like DND (Dungeons and Dragons NOT Do Not Disturb), and is always ready to take on the next big challenge to come her way.   


Kelley | 


Kelley had the pleasure of joining Purely Poultry in 2018. She's about the only poultry lover with the company without a flock of her own as the city she lives in does not permit any chickens.

She is blessed with a tremendous family including her infant daughter (whom you can often hear fussing in the background). She loves nothing more than packing up her little family and hitting the road for a day, a week, or a month. Whether it's time spent at the family cabin on the Michigan border or Las Vegas for a whirlwind weekend, getaways are never far between.

Kelley is also a non-certified Potterhead, enjoys books of many genres, along with varying interest in music. Currently, she's exposing daughter Elliott to the Motown greats Kelley was raised with. 


Scott Wilson | Web Developer

Scott Wilson is a software developer with over 30 years of software development and project management experience. After enduring cold Canadian winters for 35 years, he now lives with his wife in Tampa Bay Florida, where he enjoys beautiful weather all year round.  Scott joined the team in August 2017.  He helps keep eCommerce operations humming at PurelyPoultry. You can read more about him at



Our Founders

In 2007, a young Tyler Danke founded Purely Poultry from his college dorm room. Having been in the poultry world growing up, he had raised many flocks over the years for 4-H and FFA. Tyler wanted future generations to finally have a one-stop-shop for all their poultry needs and hoped to alleviate the hardships that cam in finding the right breeder for the job. A few years later, he met his now-wife, Ruth. They fell in love, married, and with the emergence of their two boys and a growing company, Ruth joined him in helping to make Purely Poultry what it is today. As the years went by, their children grew, and their familial needs changed. They have since stepped away from daily operations to follow new dreams and watch their children grow. We will always be thankful for the years of dedicated service, Ruth, Tyler, and their children sacrificed to make us what we are today.


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