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Keeping baby chicks warm and at the right temperature when they arrive is very important for their health and survivability. We recommend using a thermometer when starting your day old baby poultry. Baby chicks should be kept about 95 degrees for the first week and 5 degrees less each week after that. When the chicks first arrive (especially during the winter months) they may have experienced a chill during their travel. Keeping the temperature at 104 degrees for the first 24 hours will help to warm them up. The next day lower it down to 95 degrees.

When I use a thermometer, I simply put it on top of the bedding for the best indication of temperature near the baby chicks. The goal is to measure the temperature at the height of the baby chicks.Hint: do not put the thermometer up too high or you will not know what the exact temperature at the height of the chicks. If you put your thermometer on the floor, it should read about 5 degrees less than optimal temperature, due to being a little lower than chick height.

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