Tufted Toulouse Geese

Tufted Toulouse Geese
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Hatching: March to June

For the most part, the Tufted Toulouse looks and acts very much like the French Toulouse. The difference is all in the Tuft! 

Production: You can expect this variety of goose to reach 18-26 pounds at maturity and to lay 20-40 eggs annually.  

History: Our supplier developed these birds for their tufts, which set them apart from other Toulouse. If you like the aspects of the French Toulouse, but you want something a little different, the Tufted Toulouse might be for you. 

Colors: The Tufted Toulouse is gray. 

Status: All varieties of Toulouse geese are placed in the Watch category, according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. 

Body Type: The Tufted Toulouse and the French Toulouse have the same body type: They are large birds with a dewlap, an oval head, and a ponderously heavy body. 

Standard Market Weight: 18-26  pounds

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Heavy

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Tufted Toulouse Geese

Tufted Toulouse Geese

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