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Turkeys at Home is a classic turkey text by Michael Roberts and published by British poultry publisher, Gold Cockerel. Turkeys at Home is all about small scale turkey production for farms, homesteads, and backyard flocks. 

This book begins with chapters on the interesting and perhaps surprising history of Turkeys. Then it discusses typical turkey behavior and characteristics. It also describes various breeds or color variations of turkeys and includes black and white and color photos. And although it is only 64 pages long, Turkeys at Home also fully covers turkey breeding, housing, nutrition and feeding, diseases and possible issues, and raising them sucessfully. 

Turkeys at Home also discusses preparing turkeys for the table, marketing homegrown turkeys, regulations for selling turkeys, and how to show turkeys. 

The style of this book is concise and easy to follow, photos and illustrations are on point and useful. Turkeys at Home is a book that should be on the shelf of all turkey enthusiasts.

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Turkeys at Home

Turkeys at Home

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