Upland Game Birds Their Breeding and Care

Upland Game Birds Their Breeding and Care
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Upland Game Birds Their Breeding and Care

Ornamental game birds are challenging if one does not know the proper protocol in caring for them. They are more wild than the other game bird species and problems can result with the lack of information. Dr. Leland Hayes, Ph.D. has extensive knowledge in pathology, breeding and bird research and is one of the most skilled game bird breeders in the world. With his wisdom, he writes a delightful book on caring for upland game birds.

There are 8 parts to the book and each are organized and easy to read and understand. In part one, Hayes wants the breeder or hobbyist to start on the right path. Nutrition, genetic traits, hatching egg management, and brooding chicks is covered in detail. This is an overview of raising the game birds.

In part two, Hayes differentiates the New World and Old World Quail. He describes species and their natural habitats, behaviors, breeding season, housing methods, brooding, and marketing, all of which will help the reader decide which bird is right for them. Hayes is very resourceful and informative with each species. Part three is all about Partridges and their many species, housing, brooding techniques, all the way to marketing. Part four is dedicated to Pheasants. He goes into detail with their many species and care requirements. Part five is devoted to Wild Turkeys and their basic care and needs. Part six is all about Guinea Fowl and their different species and requirements. Part seven ties all the species together in a health section. Hayes writes about good management techniques and common diseases of game birds.

There is a list of appendices which contain ample amounts of added information, such as raising mealworms, artificial insemination, sources to buy birds, and much more! This is a great book for beginners or hobbyists that are seeking information on the many types of ornamental game birds that one can obtain and profit from. 360 Pages, black and white illustrations and photographs, and with beautiful color plates

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Upland Game Birds Their Breeding and Care

Upland Game Birds Their Breeding and Care

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