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Vi-Tal is a concentrated vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte supplement. You dilute the powdered concentrate in water. This is a solid product for supporting chicks after shipping and for starting chicks out right.

Vi-Tal is also a nice supplement for birds that are growing and producing, and especially good to have on hand in case of birds are stressed due to environmental factors like hot weather, very cold weather, etc. This product will provide a boost of extra nutrients, so essential in times of stress and strain. Vi-Tal also stimulates drinking and water consumption.

1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water; this 6 ounce package treats 128 gallons.

We recommend when you receive your chicks that you first offer plain water for the first two days. Add Vi-Tal at day three. If you order this product with chicks, it may be included in the box with the chicks or it may be shipped separately.

Vi-Tal is made in the USA.

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Vi-Tal Vitamin and Electrolyte Supplement

Vi-Tal Vitamin and Electrolyte Supplement

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