What will Danke Farms Raise?

I have decided that Purely Poultry will be the brand of my sales office and that Danke Farms will be the brand of our farm and hatchery.

I have customers always asking me this question. I never know what to tell them. Every time I am asked this question it drives my wife nuts because I debate it, discuss it, and every time I come up with that I will raise every type of bird that exists under the sun.

First let us go back in time to my experience in raising birds. Before Purely Poultry existed I grew up on my parent’s farm. My parents always raised some leghorn chickens for eggs and some Cornish cross for some meat. Then we received a hatchery catalog and started raising all different types of chickens and turkeys. We eventually started raising exhibition chickens and started hatching and selling them. During this time I started raising a few ducks and geese. Then I went off to college and my parents would not take care of the birds while I was gone so I had to disburse of them all.

I love educating people about birds. I love judging county fairs which have chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, pigeons, and doves. I want to be educated and experienced with raising all of these types of birds. I want to raise each type of the birds that I will be judging. I also want to offer some of each type of bird for 4-H poultry project members.

I want to be an American Poultry Association licensed judge. I want to raise some really high exhibition quality birds and attain Master Breeder and Master Exhibitor status.

I believe poultry is about eggs and meat and that any true poultryman should raise them for those purposes. I want to provide meat and eggs for my family, friends, and community. I believe in local agriculture and want to raise produce and poultry for the local community.

I also believe in the conservation of rare breeds and species. I would like to raise breeds listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Conservation Priority List and protect them for their ornamental and production uses.

Gamebirds are an excellent recreational bird that I would like to offer our customers.

I would also like to raise captive bred wild waterfowl and pheasants. I believe that breeding and maintaining captive populations of wild birds is essential to the success of many species. The captive bred specimens can be used to learn about the wild populations and can also be reintroduced into the wild if there is the need for it. I would also like to make these birds available for others to enjoy.

As far as what poultry breeds I will raise specifically it all depends on what my customers demand, what I am able to acquire, and what is in most need of conservation and improvement. In 2010 the high demand breeds are dark brown egg layers, excellent meat producing pure breeds. Barnevelders, Welsummers, Marans, and Penedesencas are in high demand for their dark brown eggs. Delawares, Buckeyes and Dark Cornish are in demand for their meat producing capabilities. I specifically enjoy Black Australorps, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Golden Spangled Hamburgs, Dominiques, and Ameraucanas. As for duck breeds, my wife loves Call Ducks. They are in high demand and there is a low supply of them so we will raise them. I enjoy Black East Indies, Mandarins, and Wood ducks. I also enjoy White Mute Swans, Pilgrim Geese, and Egyptian Geese.

So all of this said there are many breeds and species I would specifically like to raise. Actually I would eventually like to open an avian zoo that would be open to the public to learn about and observe the beautiful birds that God has created for us. The Avian Zoo would be a place where visitors can pet chickens and ducks, view displays of all the species.

In order to combine all of my goals this has to happen in phases. First I would like to develop Purely Poultry

Tyler holding a Salmon FaverolleWhat will Danke Farms raise?

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