White Broilers

White Broilers
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Day Old White Broiler Chicks

Hatching year-round.

These are the same as Cornish Cross Broilers. We offer these as a separate product from our Cornish Cross Broilers so that you can order less than the 25 required for that product (because we utilize a separate vendor for better pricing and sexing).

The White Broiler or White Cornish Cross are the fastest-growing meat chickens and are the ones used in the commercial broiler industry, producing the chicken one would buy at the grocery store. They are super-efficient growers, consuming about 14 pounds of feed per bird to reach 5-6 pounds at 6-7 weeks of age.

Production: White Broilers are very poor layers. They are only raised for efficient meat production. We recommend starting with a 21% protein chick starter from day 1 to 4 weeks old. Then transition to a 20% protein grower/developer ration until they are 8 weeks old. After 8 weeks, go to a 17% protein finisher pellet until the birds are ready for processing. They do well when fed certified organic feed.

Temperament: White Broilers are quiet and calm birds. They are very interested in eating and will forage if a commercial feed is not constantly present. These are not pets though - they are short-lived chickens, and their health will decline dramatically after 14 weeks old.

History: There are many strains of White Broilers, most of which originate from Cornish and White Rocks. They were bred for the commercial meat market and have been dominating that market for half a century. These are hybrid crosses so hatching eggs from these birds will not produce similar offspring.

Colors: White Broilers are white with bright red combs and wattles. They have big yellow legs and feet. Feathering tends to be thin.

Conservation Status: Not applicable

Body Type: White Broilers are large chickens that grow very fast. They have thick, wide-set legs and a stocky appearance. There can be issues with these birds growing too fast, with leg, heart, and other health issues being the result of too much growth too fast. The small farmer or backyard flock owner can avoid these growth issues by keeping growth a bit slower. An effective way to do this is to not free feed constantly. Do not leave feed in the enclosure overnight and let them clean up the food they have before adding more. Supplementing with greens and garden scraps will also slow growth down to a more natural pace. Even slowed down, these White Broilers will not disappoint in their meat production efficiency.

Weight: Males at 6 weeks old will be about 6 pounds. Females at 6 weeks will be about a pound lighter. Cornish Game Hens are males or females fed a higher protein diet, reaching about 2-3 pounds in 4 weeks.

APA Class: Not applicable

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White Broilers

White Broilers

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