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White Crested Ducklings


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White Crested Ducklings Details

Baby White Crested Ducklings

Hatching February to November.

Crested Ducks have been around for a long time! They show up in paintings from the 1600s. While they are good utility ducks, Crested Ducks are often kept as pets and ornamental ducks due to their unusual appearance.

Production: At maturity, Crested Ducks weigh between 6 and 7.25 pounds, making them medium sized. They lay between 100-130 eggs per year making them decent layers as well.

Temperament: In many cases, the size of the duck is related to how calm or excitable it is, with larger ducks being calmer. Crested Ducks tend to be a bit nervous, yet many have found them to be great pets.

History: The crest is actually a mutation, and any breed of duck can have it. It first occurred on Mallards, and throughout the centuries breeders have selected birds with crests. The American Poultry Association only recognizes two varieties of Crested Ducks: White Crested and Black Crested.

The crest is linked to a genetic condition that is said to cause as much as a 25% mortality rate at the embryo stage. Also, if you breed two crested ducks, the resulting off-spring will not all have the crest. Not all breeders have noticed a higher mortality rate among White Cresteds, and many have excellent rates of crests among ducklings.

Colors: The White Crested Duck is pure white with a yellow bill and light orange legs and feet.

Livestock Conservancy Status: The LC does not list the White Crested Duck.

Body Type: White Crested Ducks have a very similar appearance to Pekins - except, of course, for the crest on the top of the head.

Standard Weights: Old Male 7 lbs, Old Female 6 lbs, Young Male 6 lbs, Young Female 5 lbs

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Medium Duck

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White Crested Ducklings

White Crested Ducklings

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