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White Layer Duck Eggs

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Our White Layer Hybrid Ducks are the perfect duck for production. They are fast to mature, have excellent egg production, and calm dispositions. Purchasing your first flock as hatching eggs makes economic sense, starting your egg selling business out on the right foot.

White Layer Ducks lay a similar number and size of eggs as Golden Layers - they are both hybrids, bred for dependable and sizeable production.  White Layer Ducks are very pretty ducks - they look like slimmer or more streamlined Pekin Ducks, with a white body, orange bills and feet, and dark eyes. 

White Layer Ducks lay over 240 eggs per year. Some have been recorded as laying 290 eggs. The eggs are large sized and high quality. 

White Layers are also calm and don't tend to panic as much as other ducks. They enjoy foraging but do well in confinement as well. 

Overall, you can't go wrong with adding White Layer Ducks to any farm setting. Just be sure to have outlets for egg sales at the ready!

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White Layer Duck Eggs

White Layer Duck Eggs

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