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White Muscovy Ducklings Details

Baby Muscovy Ducklings

Though many people say that chickens are easy to keep, the requirements for ducks are even simpler. All ducks need is a big enough body of water and a dry structure with some straw in it that they can be shut up in at night. Ducks don't need nesting boxes or roosting perches. They're grown mostly for their meat but not so much for their eggs, for the eggs are porous, can get dirty, and don't last as long as chicken's eggs. However, if they're laid in a clean area, duck eggs are perfectly good to eat.

Muscovy Ducks are many times called Turkey Ducks. I had a guy recently ask for "Turducks". They are NOT a cross of ducks and turkeys but instead a wild species of duck native to central America. People do not need any type of permit to own them. The stuff on their face is called Caruncles. American Poultry Association definition of Caruncles: The fleshy protuberances on the naked portions of the head, face, and neck of the turkey.

Production: Muscovy Ducks lay their eggs before mid-morning and won't begin to sit on them until they have a full clutch. This might be eight to 15 eggs. Muscovy eggs take 35 days to hatch which is longer than other ducks. Ducks should be slaughtered when they're ten weeks old. Temperament: Some people find the fact that Muscovies sing rather than quack. The bird seems to have an overall pleasing personality. The Muscovy duck is a popular duck grown for its meat which is said to taste just like beef.

History: Muscovies have the distinction of being the only domesticated breed of duck that isn't descended from the mallard. They originated in South America.

Color Description: The coloration is white, but Muscovies have been bred to be a variety of colors, including white, black, blue, chocolate, silver, buff, silver and white, and lavender.

Status: Muscovy ducks are quite common.

Body Type: Muscovies, grown for their meat, are robust. They are the largest domesticated duck. Many people find them ugly because of the caruncles on their faces. The feet of the males are notably larger than those of the females and have strong claws that allow them to perch in trees. They are fairly strong flyers.

Standard Weights: Old Male 12 lbs, Old Female 7 lbs, Young Male 10 lbs, Young Female 6 lbs

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White Muscovy Ducklings

White Muscovy Ducklings

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