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White Peachicks

Hatching July through September

Range: While it is believed that White Peafowl do occur naturally, they are not common in the wild. It is possible that there are White Peafowl living in the wild in the natural range of India Blue Peafowl - across India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Habitat: Peafowl can live in a variety of habitats, but prefer drier, lowland forests. They have been introduced and adapted to many parts of the world and feral populations thrive in many different habitats.

Description: Many people mistakenly believe that White Peafowl are albino animals. In actuality, they are leucistic rather than albino. The difference has to do with the cells that produce pigmentation. In an albino animal, those cells are completely absent, so there is no pigmentation anywhere, but in a leucistic animal, those cells exist but are faulty, so some pigmentation exists. In the case of White Peafowl, the difference can be observed in the eyes: White Peafowl have blue eyes. Albino animals have pink eyes.

Status in aviculture: White Peafowl do breed true, which means that a White Peacock and a White Peahen will produce White Peachicks. They are raised commonly in aviaries and zoos and by breeders around the world due to their beauty. The magnificent, lacy-looking tail feathers of the adult White Peacock are absolutely stunning.

Breeding Season: Between March and July, although many factors can impact this time

Clutch Size: 6-8 eggs

Incubation Period: 28 days

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White Peachicks

White Peachicks

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