White Polish Chickens

White Polish Chickens
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White Polish Day Old Chicks 

Hatching February to July.

White Polish Chickens are one of the most whimsical breeds to add to your flock. They are certainly ornamental and fancy! These chickens are pure white, with bright red wattles and slate blue beaks, legs, and feet. White Polish Chickens have an upright bearing and a sleek body style. But they also sport a top knot or crest of full and fluffy white feathers on the top of their heads and a muff of fluffy white feathering around their chin and neck. 

White Polish Chickens make a great exhibition and show birds, and they are very popular as pet chickens as well. They are winter hardy and do well in pastured environments and with other birds. One concern is that they do have limited vision due to their fluffy crests so hawks and other overhead predators can be an issue. 

Production: Polish Chickens were originally bred as egg production birds. The egg color is white. It seems that egg production does vary quite a bit today, although there are reports of individual birds laying over 200 eggs per year. They are mainly raised as ornamentals adding whimsy and excitement to the backyard flock. In general, Polish Chickens do not go broody.

Temperament: The temperament of White Polish Chickens is similar to Leghorn's temperament. They can be a bit high-strung and flighty at times but are often comfortable and calm. There is diversity in the temperaments of individuals. Part of their skittishness is probably in part due to their limited overhead vision. By announcing your presence and not startling them, you will probably experience a calmer flock. 

History: Despite their name, Polish Chickens did not originate in Poland. The name was given to them as their crest resembled a hat that was worn by Polish soldiers. Poultry historians seem to feel that the Polish Chickens originated in Spain and made their way into Holland. They are one of the older breeds of chickens, with an obscure history that puts them as far back as the 1600s. Although they were very popular in France as egg layers, it is accepted that the Dutch in the 1800s were responsible for fully refining and developing the breed and its appearance today. The breed made its way across the Atlantic to America in the 1830s or '40s. Until Leghorns with their super laying abilities appeared, the Polish breed was very common and appreciated. After the 1890's Polish were mainly raised in America for exhibition and ornamental purposes. White Polish Chickens without beards were admitted into the American Poultry Association 1874; White Polish Chickens with beards were recognized a couple of years later in 1883. 

APA Class: Continental

Conservation Status: Watch

Body Type: White Polish Chickens have a very similar body type to Leghorns, with a vertical stance and a slim and trim style. They are light and decent flyers. White Polish chickens have a knob on their skull over which the crest of feathers is seen. Polish chickens can also come with or without muffs or beards.

Weight: Weight: Cockerel 5 lbs, Pullet 4 lbs

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White Polish Chickens

White Polish Chickens

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