Wire Cage Clips

Wire Cage Clips
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Our Wire Cage Clips come in one-pound bags which hold between 500 and 575 clips. You will need a pair of Wire Clip Pliers to make the most efficient use of these Cage Clips. The clip fits into the mouth of the pliers and then you hold the pliers over the two wires you want to attach and squeeze the handles together. Creates a solid and safe attachment.

Wire Clip Pliers

Once you get the hang of it, you can fix or build cages like crazy using most wire types. Half-inch hardware cloth works great with these clips. These Wire Cage Clips also allow for quick and easy repair of fencing and paddocks and garden equipment like wire trellising. You can make cages of all sizes from broiler transportation cages to trunk guards for young fruit trees. 

A real money saver for handy people! Cage building is a lost art, and we usually pay a lot of money for something that isn't quite right. Being able to build your own is truly empowering! 

  • Model: WCCS

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Wire Cage Clips

Wire Cage Clips

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