Wire Clip Pliers

Wire Clip Pliers
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Our Wire Cage Pliers are specially designed to work with our Wire Cage Clips for fast and easy wire cage building or repair. 

Wire Cage Clips

This duo - of pliers and clips - makes cage building a snap. You put the u-shaped clip into the mouth of the pliers then hold the pliers, so clip edges are over whatever two wires you want to attach together. Then, squeeze the pliers and voilá! - The clip has become a round holder. The attachment is very secure. The round shape also allows for metal wire edges to swing into whatever angle you need. 

The first couple of times it may take a bit of getting used to, but once you get a feel for it, you can build cages or fix cages in a snap. 

You will also find that these tools come in handy all around the homestead or farm  - As they can be used for mending broken wire fencing or trellising, building transportation cages for bringing broilers to process, or building runs for hutches and coops.  What these pliers can be used for is only left up to your imagination!

These Wire Clip Pliers will be a money saver. Store-bought cages are very expensive and are never quite what you need - being able to make your own is empowering and economical.

  • Model: WCPL

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Wire Clip Pliers

Wire Clip Pliers

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