Yellow Throated Francolin

Yellow Throated Francolin
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Yellow-Throated Francolins

Pternistis leucoscepus

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People raise birds such as pheasants, francolins, and quail for several reasons: eggs, meat, to release and hunt, as a hobby, and many others. The Yellow-Throated Francolin is an interesting-looking bird and has been gaining in popularity during the last two decades.

Description: Males and females are similar in appearance. They have the brown, buff, and white streaked bodies, with a bare yellow patch on the throat, and red facial skin. Males are slightly larger than females and have spurs whereas females do not.

Range: Yellow Throated Francolins are native to Eastern Africa.

Habitat: Yellow Throated Francolins are found in arid grasslands with plenty of scrub and plants.

Status in the Wild: Pairs and small flocks are common in their natural range.

Status in Aviculture: Yellow Throated Francolins have been enjoying a rise in popularity with aviculturists.

Breeding and Incubation: Breeding usually occurs during the rainy season in their natural habitat, from April to June. Nests are scrapes on the ground, and pairs are both monogamous and territorial during the breeding season. The average clutch size per hen is 6-8 eggs, and the incubation period is 25 days.

Lifespan: Limited data is available regarding the lifespan of the Yellow-Throated Francolin. In the wild, the consensus seems to be around 8 years. It is expected that living in captivity would increase the lifespan.

Housing Requirements: Yellow Throated Francolins are mainly ground dwellers but can fly should the need arise. They need a roomy enclosure with shrubbery and grass.

Diet: These birds are often described as being "opportunistic" feeders. They eat seeds, tubers, grasses, berries, and other vegetable matter, and occasionally insects. Commercial game bird food is fine in captivity.

AKA: Yellow Throated Francolins are also known as Yellow Necked Francolins and Yellow-Throated Francolin Pheasants.

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Yellow Throated Francolin

Yellow Throated Francolin

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